Trouble with prproj file

While trying to make the srt to premiere script:

prpoj is xml, prtl (premiere title) is also xml. I think inside prproj, the prtl is not in xml form, but rather compressed somehow. I think this because I couldn’t find the text from the title inside the prproj file. Anyways there’s this base64 file in the prproj xml which I think contains the title because after i decode it there is a string at the beginning of the binary “CompressedTitle”, but I don’t know how to decompress it…

here is the file after decoding the base64: [decoded file that needs to be decompressed]

1 thought on “Trouble with prproj file

  1. I figured it out. The “CompressedTitle” actually had zlib compressed data that starts only after the first 32 bytes. The uncompressed data is the XML for that PRTL. Awesome.

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