Reversing Hebrew Text For Premiere/Photoshop

I made a python script that does this with utf-8, but a much more elegant solution of course is javascript. So I made this little ugly google app engine that does the job:

If you’re still interested in the utf-8 python script:

10 thoughts on “Reversing Hebrew Text For Premiere/Photoshop

    • אתה צודק, אבל כמו שהיום כבר אין גרסאת חלונות למזרח התיכון, אני חושב שאדובי סתם מתאצלים בקטע הזה.

      חוצמזה לפעמים אין לך גרסאת מזרח תיכון בהישג יד…

  1. the way to reverse hebrew text in photoshop is to just click the drop down menu in the Paragraph window and choose “Reset Paragraph”

  2. Thank you so much kind stranger!
    My photoshop just can’t reverse it, I don’t know why.
    You saved me 🙂

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