Mirror’s Edge Review

I just finished this parkour-free-running-shooter game and it was insanely polished visually and mechanically. The only gripe I can say is that it gets old real quick, the gameplay has no depth and it’s always the same wall-jump puzzle. It starts out very promising because you learn every single cool thing about the game in a well thought out tutorialish first level. There are about 4 visual styles in the game, daytime rooftops, daytime streets, bright indoors and dark indoors. The story’s cute, but not too convincing. Did I mention the main character’s hot and has a matching hot sister?

It was a good game but next time around I’d like EA to give me something I can enjoy chewing. Maybe add a tricks/turbo system that helps you run/jump/fight. Oh and one more thing, there’s a slow-motion-matrix button which is absolutely useless, shoulda been removed from the game if it isn’t relevant.

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