Python and the Blogroll

How come every self respecting python web framework has a tutorial on implementing a blog yet everybody uses PHP wordpress?

So, does anybody know good python blog projects? (No, pinax isn’t a blogging app, sorry)

5 thoughts on “Python and the Blogroll

  1. I bet you know the answers yourself. Still:
    1. wordpress works well, has a large community, which menas plugins, patches, etc.
    2. People don’t use the platforms to implement blogs. They do it to solve other problems. (i.e. they have better things to do, than writing a blog in Python just so that it will be in Python)
    3. There’s a great distance between a blog from a tutorial and wordpress’ capabilities today.

    • Why would anyone want to use django when there’s CakePHP?

      Don’t get me wrong, I realize WordPress is THE blogging platform nowadays (notice this blog’s URL). But it seems strange that python’s edge isn’t leveraged in a readable, extendable, python blogging project.

      This affects me in that I’m less likely to write wordpress extensions because I much prefer coding in python over coding in PHP.

  2. Part of the reason you won’t find Python blog out there is that there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. There’s WordPress which is the best blogging platform out there, so why would anyone want to spend valuable time and sweat over another platform?

    That said, people have done it, but they just didn’t put it out into the public domain.

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