Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

Books are assembly and movies are python. To me, books are an outdated medium that’s just not worth the hassle. Movies on the other hand I enjoy watching and creating. Of course just like there will always be people optimizing assembly, there will always be the paper text lovers, they can enjoy their pretentious fun ride for all I care.

Of course I don’t dismiss text as a medium completely, but story books are just java bytecode that’s waiting to be JIT compiled into a movie if it’s worth the machine’s effort.

Now, concerning this anti-science borderline racist book Dr Jekyll And Mr. Hyde thing, I quote:
"""Why is one person blond and the other brunette? Why are some people tall and others short? There must be a similar reason to explain the good and bad parts of mankind.""". This Jekyll guy was so curious and into the science that he got defaced and destroyed by this inclination. He became a short, ugly and thus evil form of himself. The good guy’s last words are "May the good Lord take mercy on me", so he actually tries to repent, lovely.

May god have mercy on religious fud tactics.

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