Youtube going to fullscreen skips bug

Whenever I switch between fullscreen and back in this video for example – youtube skips 2 seconds forward in time. Even while paused.

I found two relevant issues:

The first one suggests to disable flash’s hardware acceleration which does work (right click the video and then click settings).

But why should we do that?

Also did I mention I dislike losing all the video I buffered in 360p when youtube auto-switches to 480p with fullscreen? I had to manually disable that too.


4 thoughts on “Youtube going to fullscreen skips bug

  1. You can disable the automatic 480p switch when going full screen in your YouTube account. Regarding the full screen skips though, I have yet to find the solution for it. 😦

    • As mentioned, you can disable hardware acceleration (right-click the video and settings) to solve the fullscreen skips.

  2. when I right click there is no settings options. just “cop embed youtube link, about html5, stop download, popout” etc etc options

    any idea how to find the disable hardware acceleration option for me?

    • The problem mentioned in this post was with flash and I’m guessing you’re using html5 video on youtube which works without flash.

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