redditp – a fullscreen presentation with reddit

tl;dr – add a “p” before the “.com” to any subreddit you visit and voila, you have a fullscreen presentation of all the images.

I like to show my friends cool stuff on the internet but browsing is a real conversation killer. You can’t really lean back, talk and have fun with friends while operating a website, surely not one as clunky as reddit. Even though RES does help.

So I just had to make this “hands-free” reddit mode. Where I can see:


Welp, not that easy, there was a lot of CSS to handle and the design right now is dead ugly but functional. Also, many stories on reddit aren’t images and I skip those that aren’t in a quirky way. If the url’s 4th character from the right is a dot, I display it. That’s a hack that works for imgur (which is most of reddit’s images) so I’m using it for now until I have more time to fix it. Any suggestions are more than welcome – help improve redditp on github! Also, comics are a pain to watch right now. I might implement some sort of scroll wheel zooming in the future, though that really is a bit of a different use case that might deserve a different site.

I guess not too surprisingly the first 200 visits where mostly to gonewild. You internet you….

edit – here are some stats from the launch night

redditp launch night stats

redditp launch night stats


6 thoughts on “redditp – a fullscreen presentation with reddit

  1. I have been using redditp for some time now and I like it. But is there any way to show sorted by new? On the github page it says it accounts for ?sort commands, but reddit does new with /r/subreddit/new and those fail.


  2. I just wanted to thank you. I was having trouble finding a program for this, and I was daunted by the possibility that to have it, I may have to write it. This is amazing. Exactly what I wanted. You brought my search to a happy conclusion.

  3. Is there a way to use redditp based on individual subscriptions? IE to log in to reddit and have redditp generate slideshow from my subscribed subreddits. Regardless, this is a great tool. Thanks very much!

    • That’s what does. It pulls your, subscription based, list of links via an ajax request.

      • I guess I must be doing something wrong, then? I only get images from the default front page.

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