The decline of google search

So I revealed the python 3 wall of shame a few days ago and immediately it was the best result in google when I searched for “python wall of shame” and “python3wos”. Seems to make sense as there was no wall of shame for python yet. Now lets look at results 3 days later:

Search results for "Python 3 Wall of Shame"

Search results for "Python 3 Wall of Shame"

You can see that on the first page of google results you can find a million references to the wall, but no links to the actual website or blog post. The same can be said about results for “python3wos” which isn’t even a word but it’s the subdomain of the site.

Search results for "python3wos"

Search results for "python3wos"

It’s not too bad since in most of these results the real website is just a click away. I just really don’t understand what happened, maybe I did something wrong?. Anyhow, it’s pretty obvious that all the kids are only using facebook to communicate nowadays. Soon they’ll just feel comfy with facebook’s bing search, a few years of that and the game will be over. Here’s to hoping google sharpen their edge.

edit – a few hours after writing this article, the search “python 3 wall of shame” is now fixed, though “python3wos” still gets you only to links. Lets do an seo experiment, I’ll add this linkĀ python3wos here and add the word “python3wos” on the wall.

Internet Speed Metrics (Mbps sucks)

Been shopping for an internet connections recently?

I say we need 2 more metrics: average ping and GB per day (gaming and downloading movies).

1 Mbps = 10.5 GB per day

This means about 10 old movies (700 MB) per day, or 2 almost awesome 720p (4 GB), or 1 holy crap 1080p movie (8 GB).

Average ping should come from pings to 3-5 stable, well known, and geographically defined sites like:,,