Scrolla – A Javascript Scroller

Here it is – Scrolla for Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

This was a fairly straightforward project. Reddit’s graulund made a beautiful comic depicting one of my favorite songs – Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody. Because I believe in lazy people I made this auto-scrolling javascript. The youtube videos doing the scrolling just weren’t awesome enough. jQuery’s “animate” is used to scroll, swfobject to embed a chromeless youtube player that’s pushed out of the frame. Please do “view source”.

I tried to make it easy to reuse “scrolla” so all the important variables are at the top of the html file (which video, which picture and at what rhythm to scroll). The “scrolla” thing could actually be a cute web app where people submit their scrolling pictures with youtube background sounds or music, but I didn’t have the diligence for that just yet. If anyone tries to make another scrolla I’d suggest to use the buggy but useful feature I added – suffixing the url variable “?at=30” will start the scrolling and youtube video at 30 seconds. When editing a 5 minute long song by Queen, I found this feature absolutely necessary. Without it I would’ve been in replay hell for big piles of minutes.

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